let go

19/03/2012 13:51


I've always thought that music would save my life, make me someone special, make my life special and worthy.

Music will never save my life, for i have to deal with the truth and truth hurts real bad sometimes...I have failed and things will never change.

I should have listened to them, 15 years ago, when they told me (i thought they were cynical) that my dreams could never come true, that reality could kill...I was too naive or maybe too self-assured...

My life will never be the way i want it to be and i have disappointed so many people who believed in me.

I have tried to be a good person, all my life, make the right choices and be kind to others...

This world is sad, wild, mad and i just wanted my life to make sense, but i can't lie to myself eternally.

I have wasted so much time and energy chasing something that was not meant to belong to me.

It is painful to deal with this.

It is time to let go and accept things.

let go

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