Hall of Fame (old recordings)

03/03/2012 22:40



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This place is a hall of fame

For they all want to be a masterpiece

And you pretend to be better than I am

Is it something you really need to believe?


I stand between the winner and the loser

I stand between the broker and the pimp

So won’t you let me find a decent middle?

So won’t you let me find a way to co-exist?


What if you tried to give me a chance?

What if you tried to make it easy for me?

‘Cause truth isn’t always what it seems

Why do you look at me like I’m a freak?


‘Cause I stand between...


Oh, this world is yours, it’s your territory

Dear moneymakers and sweet, beauty queens

Oh, this world it’ll soon be our cemetery

Could you lend us some of your self-esteem?


And I stand between...


Hall of Fame (old recordings)

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