Dancing on your grave (lyrics)

03/03/2012 22:54

Dancing on your grave


You entered my life and stayed

I didn’t have to insist

And it was already late

‘Cause you put your trust in me


Expected my heart to ache

But you never meant a thing

You’ll see how far I can get

So don’t you disagree with this


So strange...How I create

The sullen...empty space

My baby, soon you’ll be dead

And I’ll be, dancing on your grave


So strange...


Oh these invisible chains, they made of me a slave

Of your smallest interest, now you can burn in Hell


Don’t search for me in the dark

You are jailed in my mind

I know it’s much safer now

That I can feel the ground


You thought I’d always be there

To help you stand the pain

You said I never loved you

Well,  you never complained





Dancing on your grave (lyrics)

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